The 2022 Inflation
Reduction Act tax credit
program is uncharted

you need a trusted partner to help you
navigate a new landscape.

There are so many unknowns:

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    How will you navigate the new rules and regulations efficiently?

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    What are the nuances of the new law?

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    Can you know with certainty that you are getting the best value possible?

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    Is there missing due diligence and documentation that could limit value or jeopardize credit worthiness? 

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    How will you avoid frustrating roadblocks and costly delays

Learn about the new federal tax credits

On this video our panel of experts review the law, eligibility, process, risk mitigation and more. Both video and a text transcript are available.

Winning Strategies for Federal
Tax Credit Monetization

With over two decades of experience and nearly two billion dollars in state tax credit brokering, it’s now time to leverage our expertise, experience, and reputation from the state transferable tax credit market to provide clarity and direction for our clients in the new Federal market.

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Confidently Trust
Your Broker

Our team's 22+ years of experience in transferable credits ensures we know how to close your transaction quickly and seamlessly without costly surprises.

Sell Quickly and Efficiently
with the Best Yield

When we market to our diverse network of 2000+ potential buyers, your offering is guaranteed to receive qualified offers and quick cash redemption.

Buy Credits

In addition to thorough due-diligence documentation, our purchase agreements include indemnity protection to safeguard you from potential risks and liabilities, including recaptures.

A Legacy of Tax Credit Success

Our greatest assets are our experience and reputation. Let us put this to work for you in the transferable Federal renewable energy tax credit market


Years Experience with Transferable Tax Credits

$0 Billion

in Tax Credit Sales


Buyers in Our Network


Tax Credits Recaptured
Market Opportunities

Confidently Navigate New
Market Opportunities

Even if you are a seasoned veteran in the state tax credit market, the new Federal Renewable Energy Tax Credits process is a new experience for everyone.


Due Diligence, Negotiation, and Funds Collection

We facilitate the due diligence, help draft the tax credit purchase agreement, and collect funds into our escrow account on behalf of the seller.


Effectuate Credit Transfer

We safely and securely transfer credits from seller to buyer via the IRS Transferable Tax Credit Portal (to be launched in Q4 2023).


Execute Documentation

We countersign and date purchase agreements, remit proceeds to the seller, and send documentation to the buyer, seller, and IRS.

Webinar Recording

IRA Federal Transferable Tax Credits

Key Points, Benefits, and Risk Mitigation